Data Layer

The data Layer is the code side of Google Tag Manager that allows you to effectively and efficiently collect data from your website. The data layer allows you to inject code and change tags on your website without requiring to get the IT team to change your website code. With Datalayer, you can collect data from different pages on your website according to your custom settings and compile the data into a single report that is essential in figuring out the necessary tweaks for your website.

    Expert Data Layer Solutions

    Google Tag Manager relies on data gained from your data layer setup to define triggers, create and implement tags and create variables representing essential data points. With a solid-built data layer, you can seamlessly create new tags and collect data from your website with zero downtime and without messing up your analytics.
    We are a Data layer services agency that provides data layer setup, management, audit, and monitoring for your website. We are a team of certified Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics experts who provide expert solutions to setting up and managing your data layer across your website, compile detailed reports, and offer recommendations to improve your data layer data collection capabilities.

    Comprehensive Data Layer Solutions

    Whether you’re just finding out about the data layer, are getting started with Google Analytics tools, and need a hand, or managing your data layer has overwhelmed your team, our data layer services are the best solution for your website.
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    Our Data Layer Services

    01. Data Layer Setup & Installation

    Our Data layer agency has certified data layer specialists who install and set up your data layer and provide technical implementation services for all your data layer needs. Our experts help your business define and create data layer variables, integrate data layer code to your website code, and compile and process data layer information. We help design custom templates for events, create event handlers and persist data layer variables, and create and implement triggers. We also integrate your Tag Manager to your Data Layer across multiple web pages.

    02. Migration

    We are a data layer management agency that provides data layer migration services that help your website steer clear of accuracy and reliability issues with your data collection.
    We set up your Data Layer profile to provide seamless creation and population of variables, activation of triggers, and configuring tags within your tag manager.

    03. Testing and Validation

    Once set up, your data layer will need testing and validation to ensure that correct and relevant data is being collected across your website pages. We perform unit and functional data layer tests and validation for each web page for different scenarios to ensure consistency and robust data collection. Our Data layer experts set up automated data layer testing that allows your developers to test and validate data going through your data layer and correlate it with your website tags to highlight and eliminate inconsistencies.

    04. Updates and Maintenance

    It's easy to forget to manage your Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics data layer, especially when you have many web pages to sort through, and our Data layer experts can help. We update, monitor, and maintain your Data layer settings while continuously implementing changes, analyzing data for inconsistencies, updating settings according to platform updates, and keeping your data collection and reporting up-to-date.

    05. Troubleshooting

    With several data layer elements to handle and each element analyzed on a single platform, it's easy to notice inconsistencies with your data collection and determine what's needed to optimize your data layer. Our data layer experts provide a widely experienced and knowledgeable data layer troubleshooting service that quickly determines the cause of the issue and offers recommendations to correct the problems. Our routine troubleshooting services catch faults and promptly repair any data layer issues to prevent downtime. Our solutions cover all the bases, from renaming objects and variables to creating new data layers.

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      Why Choose Our Data Layer Services?

      No Hit-or-Miss
      Decision Making​

      Our Data layer experts ensure that your analytics tools and tags are set up to collect relevant, accurate, and consistent data across your website, regardless of the platform you’re running on.

      Our data layer reports provide a practical, data-driven, and comprehensive evaluation of your website based on the data collected from your website in real-time. Depending on the priority metrics, you can determine optimization strategies that are driven by what your data shows.

      Expert Developers, Certified Google Analytics & GTM Experts​

      Our Data layer services agency features a team of Data layer management experts with unmatched experience in web design, Google analytics services, and data science. With our experts, you get a professional to audit and format your data layer, design and implement new data layer changes and keep your variables, events, and even tags consistent, tracked, and measured across your web pages.

      When you work with SMART SEO, you get a team that has worked on complex GTM and Google Analytics projects, mastered creating tags and building a solid data layer, and has the personality to blend into and work with your team.

      Play Well With Others

      We are experts at what we do, but we don’t do it alone. Our Data layer specialists work as a part of your team while giving your team the independence to execute decisions. We help your team formulate solutions, interpret data, design tags and variables, and set up tests and validations for your tags, variables, and events.
      We help your business create custom rules, strategies, and solutions to optimize the performance of your tags, collect more accurate data, effectively analyze data and even upgrade your tech stack to match industry standards and ensure your organization gets the most benefit.
      When your website data is crucial to the success of your business, you want professionals who know websites and how to harness data and use it to drive growth, and we are fluent in data analytics and web design.

      Agile Data Solutions

      Our data layer services allow your business to be agile in your design and marketing services by switching up tags and creating new custom ones, integrating data layer solutions into your web pages, and standardizing your data collection process through advanced data layer setups that focus on the game-changing data points for your website.

      Enjoy faster and more stable deployments, improved accuracy, and data-driven optimizations by working with SMART SEO Data layer experts today. Get in touch with us today, and let’s get started.