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Today, shoppers base their shopping decisions on other online experiences with products or an eCommerce store. As an e-commerce store, social media ads not only give you a shot at advertising your products and services to your target audience, you get to engage with your audience at a place that gives you more reach and visibility while driving traffic, converting leads, and growing revenue.

    Drive Growth & Revenue

    Targeted Advertising Strategy

    Our eCommerce PPC ads are designed to deliver on growth and sales as soon as they go live. Our optimized PPC ads are creatively positioned and advertised to the right audience to ensure that they can drive traffic, attract qualified and targeted leads and become a sustainable revenuechannel for your store. Since your investment dollars are on the line, our PPC eCommerce ads are creatively optimized to deliver a high ROI in the shortest time.

    Personalized eCommerce Campaigns

    As a social media eCommerce agency, we create comprehensive, digestible, and competitive social media content optimized for mobile and desktop with a personalized campaign strategy. We pair your social media ads with landing pages that match your customer's browsing intent and specialized targeting strategies.
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      Social Media Services

      SMART SEO social media advertising services

      Social media ad strategy

      A competitive, flexible, targeted, and optimized social media eCommerce ad strategy is your secret sauce for profitability with social media ads. Our social media advertisement specialists audit your social media ad account and determine the best campaign structure for your store and financial objectives. Based on your budget, business goals, target audience, and campaignspecifics, we develop a smart, realistic social media ad strategy that sets your store up for success on major social media platforms.

      Social media ad creation

      We have a team of social media creative experts who create social media eCommerce ads that creatively express your brand message and unique selling point, compel your audience to click, and optimize your ad spend. Our social media ads are customized to your business needs and campaign goals, from professional copywriting for headlines and ad copy, stunning graphics, compelling CTAs, and converting landing pages.

      Social media ad targeting

      We set up custom ad targeting to ensure your ads appear to a qualified and interested audience. We leverage your campaign goals, keyword research, and demographic data to segment your target audience based on existing interest in your business, user intent, devices, and online behaviors.
      We launch highly-targeted social media campaigns that include A/B testing to ensure your ads generate higher CTR and conversions.

      Ad remarketing

      With so many ad campaigns going live, it can be pretty hard to monitor every ad, and you risk spending on social media ad campaigns that don't deliver results to your business if you don't have SMART SEO by your side. As a social media for ecommerce agency, we provide ad remarketing services that remake, retarget and remarket your low-performing ads. We analyze the performance, benchmark the ad design, segment the target audience and update your ad optimizations to increase its chances of performing higher. Our experts can evaluate the ads ideal for remarketing and provide ways to make them profitable again.

      Ad account management

      When you work with SMART SEO, you get a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will perform account audits, set up your account, monitor ad performance, monitor ad spending, and perform routine benchmarks to optimize your ad strategy to stay competitive and drive improved results.

      Ad tracking and monitoring

      Our eCommerce social media ad specialists track, monitor, and evaluate the performance of your social media ad campaigns to know how your investment is performing. We rely on custom tools, platform analytics reports, and our experience to gather insights and benchmark your ad performance against the competition and your goals. We compile comprehensive reports that feature custom recommendations to optimize your eCommerce social media ads for more exposure, leads, conversions, a higher ROI, and ROAS.

      Ad interactions for eCommerce store

      Advertising on social media isn't standalone. Your store has to provide seamless integration from your social media ad landing pages to product pages and customer sign-up pages. Our in-house team of web designers and advertising specialists offer solutions to integrate your social media ads and your ecommerce store to create a seamless transition. We integrate ads from your social media platforms to your ecommerce store on platforms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and others.

      A comprehensive ad strategy

      We create eCommerce social media ad strategies that cover all the bases, from targeting and attracting customers to closing sales. Our ads are integrated into your social media store and complement your digital marketing strategy. We use impeccable research skills, proprietary tools, creative design, and professional digital marketing skills to create strategies that create a seamless transition from social media ads to carts. We help transition your customers from viewers to leads to returning customers at a fraction of the cost.

      Personalized eCommerce ad campaigns

      Despite being on the same platform, eCommerce store has different brand personalities, and we provide campaign strategies that cater to your every need. We perform audits, design and monitor ads, and optimize your ad campaigns to match your unique brand ideals. Whether a tech store or a fashion brand, our social media marketing campaigns are custom-tailored to your brand; you won't find cookie-cutter packages with us.
      Expert Campaign Design

      A cut above the rest

      We are a social media for an e-commerce advertising agency that leaves nothing to chance when it comes to helping your store succeed on social media. We help your store set up a Facebook ad account and an ad strategy for reels and even groups, set up Instagram shops ad advertise on reels and sponsored pages, setup LinkedIn for business profiles and create scintillating ads, and set up Twitter ads that show up whenever your target audience hits search plus TikTok and even Snapchat ads that keep the brand top of your audience’s mind.Regardless of where you are in your social media marketing journey, our agency designs campaigns that increase your chances of success, whatever it means to your store. Get in touch with one of your social media marketing experts, and let’s amp up your socials.