Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising involves advertising on social media using paid social ads or sponsored content on various social media platforms. We are a social media marketing agency focused on supercharging your social media presence, and driving qualified targeted leads through social media advertisement.

We create a well-rounded social media marketing strategy that achieves your goals from increasing engagements, driving sales, optimizing and prioritizing your ad spend, and ensuring a high ROI.

    Segmentation of Target Audience

    Analytics-driven Social Campaigns

    We leverage social media analytics data to segment your target audience and identify their online behaviors and preferences. Our social media advertising agency creates campaigns that tailor your brand message to your audience segments at a lower ad spends to generate better ROI.Our Social media advertising services focus on creating ads that put your brand in front of prospects looking for what you offer.

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      Ad Creation

      We design, create and launch ads your target audience wants to click on. Our social media advertising agency has ad specialists that expertly write your ad copy, create impactful headlines, and curate attention-grabbing and scroll-stopping images and videos for your social media ad. Our Social ad experts also perform A/B split tests on your ads to ensure that only high-performing ads are launched.

      Our social media advertisements include:

      • Static image ads
      • Video ads
      • Stories ads
      • Messenger ads
      • Sponsored ads
      • Sound-off ads

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        Ad Strategy

        Our social media advertising agency creates custom-tailored social media advertising strategies and a detailed plan on how to achieve your advertising goals. We leverage data-driven social media advertising strategies that capitalize on high-traffic platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Our social media advertisement strategists create well-optimized ad strategies that ensure your business develops compelling ad content and hones in on specific audiences in new market segments.
        Our social media advertising agency helps your business develop clear, concise strategies that feature sustainable posting and publishing schedules and launch plans for targeted social media advertisements. Our advertising experts perform A/B testing and necessary optimizations on each ad schedule to ensure each launch is a success. Our ad strategies feature guidelines to remarket failed ads and retarget new markets.
        Smooth Sales Funnel for Your Leads

        Ad Integration

        Social media advertisements are not a standalone strategy. We integrate your social media advertisement strategy into your digital marketing strategy to ensure complete end-to-end consistency from your web content to your ads. We guarantee your brand message is kept consistent throughout ads on every platform.

        Our social media advertisement strategists integrate your ads and landing pages into your website and product/service offerings to ensure that your sales funnel is smooth sailing for your leads. From impressions to conversions, we ensure a closed-loop process beginning with your social media advertisement. Our experts also ensure your ads, landing pages, and website remain ADA-compliant and consistent with your brand messaging. We take time to personalize your campaigns and ensure your audience segmentation and targeting match your revenue goal.

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        Gaining Customer Confidence

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        Humanize your brand, give your customers an insider’s view of your brand and gain their vote of confidence with social media advertising strategies from SMART SEO.

          Multi-platform Social Advertising

          We leverage our skills, research, and resources to create appealing ads that match your business goals while making the most of your advertising budget across each platform. We design advertisements that are perfect for viewing on all devices and accompany them with professional landing pages that encourage your leads to take action.

          We create customized ads that run on all major social media platforms and integrate them into your website. Our ads are tuned for:
          • Facebook
          • Instagram
          • Twitter
          • YouTube
          • LinkedIn
          • TikTok
          Boost In-Store Foot Traffic

          Unique Brand Voice and Compelling Ad Copy

          We leverage extensive market research, industry analysis, and audience targeting to gain actionable insights to advise our content creation process. We use our excellent copywriting skills to write ad copy that showcases your unique brand voice, nails all customer touchpoints and compels them to convert.
          Our copywriting experts turn your top-performing content into engaging and impactful social media ads that excite your audience and drive traffic to your website. We utilize organic search tactics to create valuable ad content that sparks online conversations and keeps your target market engaged.
          Experienced and Knowledgeable Team

          Why choose our social media advertising agency?

          01. Focused on Your Bottom Line

          We take time to discuss your social advertising goals, strategies, expectations, brand personality, and your goals with your social media advertising campaigns. Our in-depth analysis of your brand and goals allows us to create intelligent, realistic, targeted advertising campaigns that match your budget and marketing requirements.

          02. Innovative Social Campaigns

          We create campaigns that leverage the latest marketing trends, social media platform updates, and algorithm changes to ensure your paid social media advertisement campaigns deliver profitable results for your business. Your bottom line is all that matters. That’s why we explore new advertising opportunities for your business to keep your leads and conversions flowing.

          03. Comprehensive Campaign Management

          Your dedicated social media advertising strategist will track the performance of your campaigns and ensure a high return on advertising spend (ROAS). Our campaign audit will evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and offer detailed reports on campaigns across all platforms.

          04. Optimized Ad Tracking

          We set up all necessary ad tracking systems to ensure your social media advertisements and accounts are fully optimized with regularly scheduled updates to keep your campaigns up-to-date on the latest platform changes. Our performance tracking and audits help gauge your campaign performance using market insights and metrics from clicks and page visits to comments and impressions. We track the metrics that matter and prioritize your effort and budget on high ROI campaigns.

          05. Social Ad Excellence

          Our social media advertisement company provides the right mix of audience & market research, design and graphics experience, people genius, and impeccable account management skills to get your social media campaign off the ground and on to advertising heights.

          06. Smart Social Strategy

          When you want to be on top of the competition in social media and make every advertising dollar a profitable investment, you want a team like SMART SEO on your side. Contact us today, and let’s figure out how to dominate social media.

          Industry-leading analysis

          Ad Monitoring and Tracking

          We are a social media advertisement company that relies on industry-leading analytics and people genius to spot inefficiencies and keep track of your social media ad campaigns while improving lagging areas and prioritizing effort and spend on profitable ads.
          Your social media account strategist will monitor and track your ad performance across all platforms and determine your best-performing ads that need more exposure while retargeting and updating low-performing ads. We bolster your brand exposure and drive qualified leads and traffic to your website by conducting in-depth reviews, audience analysis, and competitor benchmarking to ensure your profitable ad campaigns and marketing platforms take the bulk of your effort and budget.