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Social media management involves managing your social media accounts and online presence on social media platforms by scheduling, creating, publishing, and analyzing your posts, interactions, and marketing trends that convince people to take action.

SMART SEO is a Social Media Management company that creates, publishes, promotes, and analyzes the content and accounts across social media platforms for our clients. We also engage with your audience and research new marketing opportunities to increase reach and visibility.

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    Whether you’re getting started on social media marketing, are too busy to have a consistent presence, or are still wondering whether social media is the right thing for your business, SMART SEO is here to make your goals a reality.

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      SMART SEO's Social Media Management

      Social Media Goals

      Working with our social media management company ensures you get a well-rounded, beneficial, and effective social media marketing campaign. Our specialists help plan your budget, prioritize high-impact goals and turn your followers into leads. Instead of checking your accounts and stressing over what to post next or whether you have a comment you have not responded to, delegate your social media management effort to us and let’s grow your business.

      Customized Social Media Management Service

      We will not fit your brand into a box by pushing a package on you. We work together with your business to define a plan that works to suit your needs and achieves the goals that you want. We discuss the platforms to invest in, how we plan to gain traction and how we will manage your campaigns. We leverage our tools, skills, and experience to ensure your social media marketing efforts are a success.

      Monitoring and Tracking

      The only way to know if your social media marketing campaigns are working and meeting your marketing goals is by monitoring and tracking their performance. Our social media specialists will track the performance of your ads, monitor your creative content, track the metrics and account analytics of your social media platforms, and compile reports on them.

      Data-Driven Approach

      Targeted Social Strategy

      We find the networks that match your target audience through demographic data analysis and evaluate your performance and competitor activity in the networks. We craft social media marketing strategies for each platform that fits your brand goals.
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        content management

        Customized Content Creation

        We help create platform-specific content that is bespoke, original and customized for your target audience on each platform. From developing content topics to curating media and editing copywriting, we take over the hassle of managing your social media content and ensure your goals are all met.

          Our Services

          Our Social Media Management Services

          01. Social Media Account Setup

          We help your business create professional social media accounts that resonate with your target audience and powerfully express your brand message and personality. Our social media account managers help update and scale up your profiles and even business accounts to ensure they fit your brand ideals. From choosing professional profile images that capture your brand essence and make a great first impression, to updating account headers, backgrounds, and bios, we ensure that the first thing your customers feel when they see your page is that you mean business. We also set up business shopping profiles and social media business accounts and ensure your profiles are aligned with your social media marketing goals.

          02. Social Media Strategy Setup

          Any sound social media strategy begins with a social media audit. We set up social media marketing strategy audits to gain immediate insight into your social media strategy, evaluate its performance regarding successful features, and determine the next steps. Our social media audits offer a foundation to improve your campaigns and set up a solid strategy that achieves the results that your business wants from social media. Our social media strategists develop social media marketing strategies that focus your efforts on the networks that matter most to your audience while prioritizing your marketing efforts on campaigns that perform well with your audience.

          03. Audience Targeting

          With social media, targeting the right audience and knowing how to customize your marketing efforts to them makes your business successful online. We take time to study your audience and understand what motivates them to purchase products, engage online and even visit your websites. We rely on comprehensive demographic data and experience to determine the type of content that resonates with your target audience. Our audience research helps us prioritize your social media marketing plans and budget for ads that effectively target your target audience across all platforms.

          04. Content Strategy

          Social media loves content, and we help your business create content that impacts your bottom line. We design a content calendar that offers a reference point and will schedule posts and plan the content types. Our social media content strategists review and approve your content to ensure that only content that matches your goals and brand messaging is published. Your social media account manager will work with our in-house graphic designers and copywriters to create content that accomplishes your goals and accelerates conversions and traffic.

          Daily Monitoring & Recommendations

          Ad Performance Tracking

          Our monitoring and tracking ensure that your ad and marketing performance matches your goals and delivers acceptable ROI. We also offer recommendations to improve low performance and get your accounts back on track. Your social media manager will monitor your social media efforts daily and analyze the comments, responses to ads, and even performance trends to ensure your ad spend is on a positive streak.

          Expert Campaign Creation

          Our social media experts help decide the best use of your resources and create marketing campaigns that enhance your organic traffic, expand community engagement and earn more revue from your paid strategies.

            Building Citations and Reputation

            Audience Interaction

            Interacting and engaging with your audience is invaluable for your business, but it can be exhausting. Your social media manager will help your business interact with your customers and followers by responding to comments and requests while adhering to your company standards.

            We provide an unmatched customer experience that keeps your customers engaged and satisfied with your brand. Your social media manager will check for comments and messages throughout your social media platforms and respond to them. We also reach out to influencers and trusted organizations that help bring exposure to your brand and give you a shot at increasing your followers.

            Our social media management service maximizes the value of your existing network and keeps your customers active by securing rave reviews and turning influencers into brand ambassadors.