Web Development

Create an unforgettable user experience, drive more traffic, increase your conversions and close more sales with a competitive, optimized, and search-engine-friendly website. SMART SEO is a web development agency that provides custom web development services that build, launch and maintain world-class websites.

We design and build robust, scalable, and beautiful websites that are well optimized to rank higher and drive more qualified traffic while accurately measuring and tracking user behavior and analytics insights behind the scenes.

    SEO-Friendly & Conversion-Driven

    Professional Website Development

    Our website development agency has a team of certified web developers, design experts, solution engineers, and product managers that ensure each project is an absolute success. We create business websites that provide a great-looking and high-performing digital storefront for your company.
    The websites that we build not only make it easy for your brand to seem legit, but they are also SEO friendly and rank higher in search engines as a result of our data-driven and result-oriented digital marketing tactics. Our websites are designed to boost your search engine reputation, build customer trust, gain referrals and turn visitors into returning customers through effortless conversions.
    Comprehensive SEO Strategies

    Web Development Audits

    We provide web development audit services that inspect your website infrastructure and offer recommendations to improve design, patch security vulnerabilities, and optimize performance and user experience issues. Our website audits are comprehensive and leave nothing to chance.
    Here’s what we audit :
    Our website auditors also provide reports and review them to provide actionable insights to improve your website performance.
    Transform Your Business Website

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      Comprehensive Web Development Services

      Our Web Development Services

      Backend Web Development

      We create robust backends that are secure, resilient, and scalable. Our web developers have mastered backend web development languages like PHP, Python, Java, Noje.js, and Go. This ensures that we can design powerful backends that seamlessly integrate with tools, are easy to run diagnostics and debugging, and provide longevity and website stability.

      Third-party Integrations

      We provide API and third-party custom integration services for your website's analytics and data collection tools. Whether you need to connect automated ecommerce systems or data exchange platforms, our web developers can develop, monitor, and test the performance of your integrations and perform troubleshooting for any errors.

      Frontend Web Development

      Our in-house web developers use their mastery of front-end development technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages, graphic design tools, and JavaScript frameworks to create delightful UI/UX elements that give your users an unmatched experience.

      Platform-Agnostic Development

      Platform-specific Web Development

      There are several Webhosting services that offer web development solutions for businesses, from WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce to WordPress and Magento. Regardless of which platform you choose to develop your website, our web developers are experienced in designing websites across all major platforms with custom-built distinct features. We are up-to-date on all the latest platform features and functionalities and build websites in record time with every necessary functionality built in.
      Boost Your Business

      Modern Website Development

      Contact one of our experts today, and let’s get started on developing a modern website that’s an invaluable asset to your business.


        Our web development solution architects plan and implement web design solutions that scale with your business needs, data complexity, and on-demand. Our flexible yet resilient website designs can be rapidly scaled to match your growing user base and increase integrations with other tools and platforms.

          Website Showcase

          A Look Inside the Websites That We Develop

          01. Fully-managed Services

          We are a web development agency that offers full cycle web development services that cover everything from initial consultation and inception through development and all the way to integration and optimization. We pair our web development services with our digital marketing solutions to provide a holistic solution that matches your brand needs and scales as you go. Regardless of where you are in your website development journey, whether you have an existing concept and are still figuring out to design it or you have a website that needs a little updating. Our web development service gets your website up and running in no time with SMART SEO.

          02. Ecommerce Functionalities Built-in

          We provide eCommerce website development services that include all your eCommerce tools for your website design. Your website developer creates a fully customized website with cart management, product dialog, extensive customization, and a payment management system. Our developers help your business collect and interpret data from your website and generate a practical solution to drive growth and revenue from your website.

          03. Seamless Integrations

          We have the in-house talent and expertise to seamlessly integrate your website with all your third-party custom APIs and data analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Our web developers test your integrations, set up your website to accommodate the changes, and monitor integrations performance for errors and problems.

          04. Custom Turnkey Websites

          Our web development services are customized to your brand and business needs. Our web developers tailor our development process and your website to your unique brand, from color themes to copywriting. Each aspect of our development, integration, and website marketing process is customized to your business goals.

          Site Security Audit

          We carry out routine audits to ensure your site structure is secure and clear of any security liabilities.

            Digital Marketing Integration

            Optimized Websites

            We develop websites that outlast and outperform the competition. Our websites are designed with digital marketing strategies like SEO, Copywriting, audience segmentation & targeting, and SEM baked-in. We implement custom digital marketing strategies that ensure your website becomes a traffic magnet as soon as it launches.
            Building Citations and Reputation

            Website Security

            Security is a must-have feature for SMART SEO website designs. From implementing robust encryption technologies to vigorously testing and refining third-party integrations and tools to ensure we can spot and eliminate any security vulnerabilities before they affect your website.