Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the paid version of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engine marketing services involve setting up and designing paid ad campaigns to deliver exponential growth for businesses by increasing visibility, driving qualified and ready-to-buy traffic, attracting more leads, and easier conversions.

    Combining SEO and SEM

    Dominating Search Results

    SEM is a paid strategy to boost your brand’s online presence in search engines and edge your competition by improving your advertisement strategies. Together with our industry-leading SEO services, our customized, targeted and intelligent SEM strategies pack a formidable combo that helps your business dominate search results, conquer the competition, increase visibility and leads while strategically investing in paid strategies that deliver a higher ROI.
    Brand-Focused SEM Approach

    What SEM is About?

    Our SEM services start with keyword research, analysis, ROI-focused PPC setup, and management. As a leading Search Engine Marketing company, we take a brand-focused approach that provides seamless communication, detailed reporting, and unmatched coordination with the focus of surpassing your paid search goals.
    Our SEM services provide expert insights to effectively set up, monitor, manage and refine your paid ad campaigns. Our SEM experts provide optimized, targeted and customized turnkey SEM strategies tailored to your needs and budget.
    We are a result-oriented SEM services company that knows how to create and manage converting ads that outperform and attract qualified leads. Our SEM experts create personalized search engine marketing strategies and bid on high-value keywords and ad space while continuously refining your paid ad tactics to lower your ad spend and improve ROI.
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    Ready to get started with SEM and turn the heat up on your competition? Talk to one of our experienced SEM strategists and discover what SMART SEO SEM strategies can do for you.

      Personalized SEM Campaigns

      Our SEM Services

      Custom SEM Solutions

      Far from one size fits all cookie-cutter solutions, we create a personalized SEM campaign by learning about your business, culture, goals, industry competition, and the market. Our SEM campaigns are unique to your needs and budget, making it easy to manage your ad spend, campaign objectives and scope, and the overall brand message from your ad strategies.

      Immediate Results

      We create a solid, custom SEM strategy that delivers immediate results. Our paid ad campaigns allow you to accurately determine the performance immediately after launch. See whom the impressions are made to, who’s clicking on ads, what keywords drive traffic, and where most of your traffic is streaming. We help your business set up, track and monitor SEM ads that provide almost-immediate results and a profitable ROI.

      Constant Updates

      We’re the experts, but you call the shots when it comes to your business. Your SEM project lead is dedicated to ensuring open communication and feedback on the performance of your SEM strategies. We provide monthly reports outlining the performance of your SEM campaigns over time and actionable strategies your business may take to ensure maximum returns from your SEM campaign.

      Performance Tracking and Reporting

      Measurable, Consistent, Noticeable & Sustainable Results

      Our campaigns make it easy to effortlessly keep tabs on the performance of your strategies and whether the results align with your goals. Our SEM service provides access to analytics tools and comprehensive performance data that helps your business determine the ads that generate higher conversions based on metrics like CTR, clicks, and impressions. Each campaign features concise and scheduled reports on the performance of your strategies and recommendations on which ads to focus on and what needs to go based on analytics data from all your ad accounts.
      Smart SEM Solutions

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      Get in touch with our SEM experts today and discover how SMART SEO SEM services can turn things up a notch.

        ad targeting solutions

        Targeted SEM campaigns

        Our SEM company provides SEM services that leverage the capabilities of ad targeting solutions, including geo-targeting, ad scheduling, and even device targeting, to ensure your ad campaigns are presented to a ready-to-buy audience. Our specialized SEM targeting solutions ensure your SEM marketing advertisements show up in all the right places. Our targeted approach keeps your brand relevant and creates a formidable digital presence.

          Optimizing PPC Campaigns

          SMART SEO SEM Services

          01. PPC

          Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an advertising strategy where you pay every time your ads are clicked. As a paid search tactic, you get what you pay for. SMART SEO creates PPC campaigns that optimize your spend by crafting ads that optimize traffic growth to match ad spending. We create PPC campaigns that present relevant, engaging content that enhances your lead generation while ensuring conversions. Our PPC campaigns are designed to match custom ad-group segments based on search intent, keywords, and even local SEO strategies.

          02. PPC Audit

          We offer PPD audit services that audit and retool your PPC campaigns. Our PPC experts and paid marketing audit experts analyze your campaigns and recommend appropriate, targeted changes that increase campaign effectiveness and realign it with your goals. Our PPC audit services focus on monitoring KPIs that matter to your business, including impressions, CTR, bounce rate, conversions, and custom metrics. We provide recommendations to adjust your PPC strategy to ensure reduced ad spending and increased effectiveness.

          Boosting ROI with SEM

          Improving Ad Efficiency

          Our experts ensure you are maximizing efficiency and returns across your ad accounts by evaluating the effectiveness of your campaigns according to a comprehensive criterion that optimizes the functional aspects and retools all your underperforming ads. Our SEM services help your business connect with qualified, ready-to-convert leads while drastically reducing your cost-per-click, skyrocketing CTR, and driving more traffic.
          Expert PPC Services

          Persuasive PPC Ads

          Our PPC services feature persuasive ad copies and tracking that lets you keep up with and track your paid search performance. Our search marketing experts handle all the heavy lifting from setting up paid ad campaigns in different ad accounts, conducting keyword research and analysis, managing your PPC ads, and analyzing the performance of your ads. Ready to minimize your expenditure and increase PPC campaign efficiencies? Check out our PPC services, and let’s get started on PPC solutions focused on your bottom line!

          Unique Strategy for You

          Your company is unique, from personality to customers and product, and we take time to learn about your business and craft a customized strategy tailored to your business.

            Customized PPC Ads

            Display Ads

            Display ads are simply advertisements that feature creative and engaging media that capture a user’s attention. SMART SEO designs display ads customized to a particular action, from convincing users to sign up for products and offers or register for deals.

            Our display ads feature several media like text ads, images, and videos carefully and strategically set up to appear in designated areas on websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, and anywhere your target audience is located.

            SMART SEO display ads include:

            Driving Growth with Display Ads

            Result-focused Ad Strategies

            Each of our ad strategies is result-focused to get more prospective customers to engage with your brand by targeting audience segments with a higher purchasing intent. From crafting short-form ad copy to analyzing and tracking CTR, our display ad service features everything to drive growth.