Content Marketing

Content marketing is telling a story that makes your customers want to experience what your products/services have to offer. We plan, write, edit, optimize and promote content from blog posts to impeccable ad copy.

    Optimizing Your Storefront for Success

    Our content development process

    01. Content strategy

    We help your business develop a content strategy that matches your business goals and personality while resonating with your audience and staying on top of searches. We help set up your content calendar, determine ideal content for your business, and the content schedule and development timelines that include reviews and edits. Your content marketing project lead will help your team research and analyze keywords that matter to your audience and reflect your brand personality and marketing goals. We choose the high-search volume, competitive and high- value keywords that boost your traffic and deliver a high ROI.

    02.Content creation

    SMART SEO has an experienced team of copywriters and content creators for video and photographs who create content that matches your business goals and audience needs.
    Based on your content strategy, our content creators create different content types that meet your scheduling and marketing needs. We review and edit every piece of content to ensure it meets your business goals.

    03. Content optimization

    We create content that sells. Our content creators and digital marketing experts refine, edit and optimize your content to be SEO-friendly and palatable. Your content marketing project manager will refine your final copy and ensure your content ranks well for search engines and resonates with your audience. From checking descriptions and title tags to checking video transitions and graphic elements, your account manager ensures that every piece of content your launch is as good as it gets.

    04.Content promotion

    We know all the right places where your content can meet your intended audience. We use our research, people experience, and advanced audience targeting and segmentation solutions to promote and distribute your content online on sites and social media platforms where it has a higher chance of success and targeting your audience. We use influencers and content promotion strategies like PPC and SEM to help spread awareness and get your content in front of the right audience while exposing more prospects to your content.

    05. Content analysis & reporting

    We create custom content reports that evaluate the performance of your content and how it impacts your ROI and bottom line. Our content optimization recommendations are driven by our research and experience and provide actionable solutions to optimize your content. Our content reporting allows you to monitor your content's performance against the competition and look into your ROI. Our reports and reviews provide valuable and practical insights to enhance your content and marketing strategies.

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    Our content marketing services

    Content strategy development

    We are a content marketing agency that provides content strategy development services that help your business develop a customized content strategy that meets your business goals and allows you to create optimized content that ranks higher and drives more traffic from your target audience.

    Our content marketing services

    Content creation

    We create content that covers the whole spectrum of content that your business needs to succeed. We create, edit, test, and optimize several types of content and adapt it to changing needs and
    marketing goals. We create;

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      Our content marketing services

      Content marketing

      We are a digital marketing agency that provides content marketing services that put your content in front of the right audience. We provide SEO, SEM, PPC, and custom content marketing services that create brand awareness and drive traffic to your website by promoting it on the right platforms. We use audience research, demographic data, and our marketing genius to find suitable marketing campaigns for your content.

      Our content marketing services

      Keyword research and optimization

      Our content marketing services company offers your content keyword research and optimization services. We use industry-leading keyword analysis and benchmark tools to determine the right keywords that match your brand personality and allow your content to rank higher and resonate with your target audience. Your project manager will perform user segmentation, keyword analysis, keyword benchmarking, and custom keyword optimization for long-form and short- form keywords that enhance your content performance.
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      Our content marketing services

      Content Audit

      When you have great content, but your traffic and conversion don't match the ROI, our content audit services can find out why. We are a content auditing agency that evaluates your content from every angle. We look at the content structure, marketing campaigns, and even keywords to determine the performance of your content and offer recommendations to boost performance.

      Content marketing services that sell

      Custom-tailored content strategies

      You won't find templates with us. Our template-free content strategies ensure that we create custom content that matches your business goals, personality, content needs, and marketing strategies while staying within your budget. We take time to understand your business's content needs and develop a content strategy matching your business and goals with content from more site visits, increased conversions, or a higher return on your marketing spend.

      Expedited delivery times

      When you develop content with us, you get a team of content creation experts that develop, optimize, launch and promote your content in record time. We provide quick content delivery times with few edits and reviews. Our experience, understanding of your business, and unique talents allow us to create impeccable, ready-to-go content.
      Having great content is the biggest part of your digital marketing strategy. While your content may be good, it can always be better, and SMART SEO is here to make that happen. Get in touch with our agency today and let our experts show you the value of having well-written, optimized and marketed content. Contact us today.