SEO Audit

An SEO audit provides an in-depth analysis of your competitive landscape, baseline information of your digital marketing SEO strategies, evaluates your digital presence, and helps your business create and implement a custom SEO strategy to increase traffic, optimize technical aspects and increase conversions.

SEO Audit services from SMART SEO effectively determine whether your business is ranking as it should and whether your SEO campaign strategies are delivering as expected.

    Boost Your Website’s Performance

    Comprehensive SEO Analysis

    We provide 100% transparent, white-hat SEO audit services that painstakingly analyze everything from technical aspects, on-page and off-page SEO, keyword performance, domain authority, backlink health, traffic, conversion rates, and every other custom metric that matters to your business.We obsessively analyze and check all essential SEO factors across your website. Our SEO audit experts find broken links, duplicate content, faulty redirects, URLs blocked by robots.txt, meta robots, and nofollow tags and analyze your metadata and site structure from an SEO perspective.

    Revitalize Your SEO

    We create a targeted and optimized actionable SEO strategy to maximize visibility, increase traffic and focus your ROI on strategies that deliver noticeable, measurable, and sustainable growth.

    Has your site been through significant changes or a period of neglect? Get actionable insights, prioritized recommendations, and expert implementation strategies with our SEO audits.

    Signs You Need an SEO Audit From SMART SEO

    You should get an SEO audit from SMART SEO when you notice the following:

    • Declining organic traffic
    • Outdated, underachieving content and web copy
    • Duplicate content issues
    • Widespread site instability
    • Slower page load times
    • locked, hidden, missing content
    • Error messages like HTTPS not secure
    • Broken links
    • Fines and warnings from Google Webmaster
    • Lower rankings despite improvements
    • Poor keyword performance even for local searches

    Let SMART SEO Find Out Why

    Have trouble ranking higher despite trying out every SEO service available?

      What our SEO audit service covers

      Our SEO audit services provide a thorough, transparent analysis of your website to figure out the best way to optimize for growth. Our analytics and SEO experts have a keen eye for detail and use high-end tools to uncover what’s holding your site back. We look out for:
      • Duplicate meta and content
      • Broken links and pages
      • Server-side technical issues
      • Browser compatibility
      • HTML and page issues
      • Site Analytics
      • Existing site structure errors
      We provide both on-page and off-page SEO audits to enhance optimization for web crawlers and search engines and your optimization for customers and leads.
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      On-page SEO Audit

      Do your website rankings match your website looks and design? Whether the issue is thin content, missing tags and meta, duplicate or thick content, our SEO audit experts will uncover what is holding your site back from ranking and identify and fix all on-page SEO factors?

      Our on-site SEO audit considers several criteria like :

      • URL structure
      • Metadata
      • Content quality
      • Keywords
      • Site performance
      • Site design
      • User behavior
      • Interactivity and visual stability

      Our on-site technical audit gives you insight into aspects of your site that are performing and what your site could do much better on. We also provide strategies and reports on keyword opportunities to drive future traffic to your site and help optimize your written work as part of our developer-friendly list of on-page SEO recommendations for implementation. SEO is complex. Start with SMART SEO audits and take the guesswork and hassle out of SEO.

      Improve Your Domain Authority

      Off-Page SEO Audit

      Accurate, thorough, and comprehensive off-page SEO analysis ensures we can discover what other websites, site crawlers, and search engines think of you and what off-page factors are holding your business from beating algorithms.We dig for broken links, ensure redirects are set up correctly, confirm metadata and page title optimization, fix URLS-blocked robots, and optimize your site structure from an SEO perspective.Our off-page SEO experts will analyze your inbound links and check out their quality and relevance while detailing potentially risky links and removing/disavowing them. Our experts will spot off-page factors buried deep in your site and recommend a strategy to steer clear of penalties and revitalize your domain authority and ranking.
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      Server-side SEO Issues

      Search engines will comb through your server files to understand your website and rank it. If your server files are causing indexing issues or validation problems, our experienced server-side SEO experts will uncover every problem and promptly offer solutions. Some of the files we audit are :
      • .htaccess
      • Robots.txt
      • Sitemaps
      • Server configs like headers, error pages, redirects, load times
      • JS and CSS errors
      Our SEO audit experts will provide recommendations and actionable strategies to handle technical SEO issues.
      Actionable Optimization Recommendations

      Fix errors, optimize & rank higher with SEO audit from SMART SEO

      SMART SEO audits give your site a comprehensive analysis and a detailed list of site-level and page-level issues with recommendations on handling every obstacle. We analyze content for duplicates and keyword issues, check for crawl ability, HTTPS, markup, and linking structure, and laser focus on specific audit categories.

      We provide a transparent and thorough audit with detailed and insightful reports. Our audits provide detailed analysis of aspects of your page performance and prioritized optimization recommendations that yield the greatest benefits.

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      Handmade Audits and Analytics

      Our SEO audit strategies are integrated with other crucial platforms like Google Analytics and custom audit tools to automate highly technical aspects of your audits. We leverage SEO audit tools and blend their intelligence with our strategy to ensure we provide a custom strategy, not software spit-outs.

      We scan, audit, and analyze 100s of technical and non-technical SEO factors while prioritizing focus and time on factors that need your immediate attention. Our SEO audit strategists audit every resource on your website, from URLs and HTML to media and JavaScript, just like bots from search engines do.

      Targeted Optimization Solutions

      Custom Site Audits

      Aside from full-site audits, we also provide detailed audits to check specific pages, with page- specific optimization recommendations. We offer a comprehensive technical audit that discovers and fixes on-site issues and restores your ranking power. Our in-depth, focused audits provide a sectional outline of discovered obstacles and issues and how to fix them. Our white-label SEO audit reports provide a detailed description of solutions that your developer team can implement.
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      Continuous Site Audit

      Your SEO audit project lead will monitor your site regularly and ensure your solutions are on the right track. We compare crawls & assess performance to monitor whether issues are increasing or reducing with each implementation.

      Get done-for-you implementation of all your SEO audit recommendations with our SEO experts today.

      Our SEO audit reports outline issues with customized and prioritized recommendations to solve every issue based on what we know about your website, technical capabilities, server status, & your CMS strategy. Get the impact report for each solution and the effort required alongside each report.

      Stuck? We have our in-house team of SEO experts, web developers, copywriters, and link builders ready to take on your project.

      As search engines better understand user intent and regularly update their algorithms, it’s essential to stay updated with best practices to maximize your visibility in search. An SEO Audit from SMART SEO is your first step to SEO dominance.