eCommerce PPC

E-commerce Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads are paid versions of ads where you pay when your target audience clicks on your ads. eCommerce PPC services are essential in getting your products discovered and purchased by your target audience while increasing your online presence and visibility.

SMART SEO in an eCommerce PPC agency that develops intelligent, competitive, and high-ROI PPC strategies not only advertise your products and service to the right audience but also contributes to growing your brand’s online reputation. We are an eCommerce advertising agency that helps your business scale faster and profits through eCommerce PPC.

    SMART SEO eCommerce PPC services

    Google Shopping ads

    We create impactful, riveting, and profitable Google shopping ads that showcase your products and services. We develop product feeds, and PPC ads that give the highest return on your ad spend through increased qualified traffic and conversions. Your project manager will help set up Google ad accounts, perform extensive keyword research, optimize ad landing pages, optimize your bid strategies, manage your PPC ad accounts across all major platforms. They will set up PPC ad feeds that effectively target and convert your audience.

    eCommerce PPC remarketing

    Our PPC marketing experts develop strategies to optimize your failed PPC ads and remarket them. We use advanced ad retargeting to bring back shoppers to abandoned carts, remarket to frequent visitors who have not converted, and target a fresh new audience that matches your ideal shopper. We implement abandoned cart campaigns, re-engage repeat customers, and direct traffic to your product review pages to ensure the success of your remarketing campaigns.

    PPC display ads

    Our PPC agency creates eCommerce PPC display ads and advertises them on search engines and digital networks that feature your target audience. We ensure to maximize every possible PPC display ad network opportunity from search engines to other channels, including partner websites. Our creative experts also design compelling, optimized, and hyper-personalized landing pages that match your customers intent and increase conversions.

    Google & Bing search ads

    Maximize your first-page rank and SEO dominance and gain more profit from eCommerce PPC search ads designed to enhance your brand awareness, drive conversions and increase sales across Google and Bing by marketing to untapped traffic through targeted keywords. We capitalize on missed opportunities and get ahead of the competition with expertly crafted search ads highlighting your unique selling points (USPs) while leveraging broad and specific keywords and search terms to enhance ad visibility across searches.

    PPC ad management

    We provide professional eCommerce PPC management services that help your business create, manage, optimize, track and monitor the performance of PPC campaigns across all platforms. We offer a comprehensive eCommerce PPC ad management service that effectively manages allyour PPC ads, provides consistent reporting, and monitors performance, even on the ads you forgot you had. Our PPC specialists keep up with the performance of your PPC ads across the platforms and use real-time ad tracking and reporting tools to streamline your PPC ad campaigns and implement optimizations for maximum visibility.

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    We have the knowledge and expertise in growing eCommerce brands and know the tools, strategies, KPIs, metrics, and opportunities to capitalize on. Whether you’re getting started with PPC or looking to expand the depth and effectiveness of your campaigns, SMART SEO is perfect for the job. 

      An insider look into our eCommerce PPC ads service

      01. Research

      Our eCommerce PPC ads experts take time to learn about your business, competition, brand personality, and PPC ad goals. We then develop a personalized eCommerce PPC ad strategy that matches your goals and budget while maximizing all available opportunities.

      02. Create

      We are a creative group, and once we have your strategy lined out, we design eCommerce PPC campaigns that feature targeted keywords and audience, creative graphics and media elements, superior copywriting, and other custom features. Our PPC ad creative experts include every feature that makes your ads successful, including A/B testing for your eCommerce ads.

      03. Optimize

      Once your PPC ads are live, your project manager will continually monitor and track performance, benchmark with the competition, apply any changes and fine-tune your PPC ads to improve their CTR, conversions (CRO), and impressions while maximizing ROI.

      04. Check-in calls

      Your project lead will compile performance reports and review them with you. Our reports feature all the critical metrics that matter to your business and allow you to gauge whether our strategies are working and what ideas you have.

      05. Scale

      We rely on concise data, impeccable analytics, and extensive experience to implement and track any campaign changes based on your suggestions. We implement strategic and calculated improvements and optimizations that boost PPC ad performance, get traffic flowing and compel your leads to close sales.

      Hyper-targeted PPC ad campaigns

      The success of your eCommerce PPC ads depends on how strategic your targeting is. Your dedicated project lead and PPC specialist will find your ideal audience by combing through demographic data and segmenting your audience according to location, devices, interests, online behaviors, and their granulated demographic data, plus a mix of targeted keywords.
      With concise data, we create eCommerce PPC ads that target a specific audience and increase the chances of success. We ensure to develop a broad audience and drill down to custom PPC ads that are adapted to multiple target audience groups.
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      Immediate results

      E-commerce social media advertising features paid ad campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others. SMART SEO is an e-commerce social the media advertising company that creates, optimises, manages, and tracks social media advertisements for eCommerce stores to help them reach customers through their social feeds.


        The numbers tell the story of our business, and we are all about impressive numbers, from increased traffic to higher ROAS. Our eCommerce PPC ads agency takes time to set up, track and monitor analytics data on your launched PPC campaigns. We gauge the effectiveness of our PPC campaigns according to the metrics that matter to you. We leverage performance data to fine-tune and tweak your PPC ads to maximize growth across all platforms.

        Regardless of your PPC goals, our eCommerce PPC agency will customise a PPC management strategy that ensures your campaigns expand your visibility and translate to qualified leads, reduced ad spending, and increased sales. Ready to get started? Contact us today, and one of our experts will get you up to speed on your next steps to success.