Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Pay-per-Click (PPC) is a paid advertisement service where you pay for interactions or clicks on your ads across platforms. We are a Pay-per-Click services company that helps your business reduce costs per click while increasing revenue and driving more traffic.

We are a PPC management company providing PPC management services that help your business set up, create, manage, evaluate and improve PPC campaigns.

    Maximizing Performance

    Turnkey PPC Solutions

    Our turnkey PPC solutions involve in-depth research, tech-enabled PPC analytics, targeted PPC strategies, competitor analysis, and PPC ad copy testing to maximize performance before launch. Our experts also optimize your existing ad copy, track crucial metrics and provide regular reports.
    Goal-Oriented PPC Services

    SMART SEO PPC Services

    Our Pay-per-Click services are focused on your end goals, whether you want to increase revenue and traffic, expand brand awareness or retarget your lost customers. Our pay-per-click services include:

    01. Google Ads (Search and Display)

    Our PPC company creates Google search ads that convert prospects who are already searching for brand offerings online. Our Google search ads experts create intriguing, targeted advertisements that drive high-quality leads and new customers to your landing pages and website. We create professional Google display ads that appear on Google partner websites and target audiences on your competitor sites. Our PPC management company helps create photo and text ad copy that intrigues and encourages prospects while increasing your SEO and ranking.

    02. Remarketing/Retargeting

    Our PPC management company provides PPC retargeting & remarketing services that rekindle your top-performing PPC ad campaigns, create improved remarketing ad copies, and retarget prospects who have already interacted and have purchasing intent. Our strategic retargeting services find the perfect frequency for retargeting to limit ad exhaustion and expenses. Our PPC remarketing services feature optimized PPC formats that compel high-converting customers to return to your website and convert. We remarket to hyper-targeted customer segments to ensure increased turnover with reduced spending.

    03. Social Media Ads

    Increase your brand recognition, lower ad spending, and stay on top of your prospect's mind with creative social media Pay-Per-Click ads. Our social media PPC advertising specialists design creative ad copy to appear on social media platforms from Facebook to LinkedIn. Our data-driven audience targeting strategies ensure we can determine your target audience through factors like hobbies and networks, utilizing image, video, and text ad copy to compel them. If your social media presence needs a booster shot, we have a few ideas to get you back up.

    04. A/B PPC Ad Testing

    We are a little obsessed with quality, and before launching any PPC ad campaign, our PPC management agency will test and refine your ads. We create variations of your ads to suit different design elements and audience behavior, then comprehensively test them to figure out the PPC version with the highest chances of success. Our A/B split tests are backed by audience research and design genius to ensure each PPC ad is optimized and ready for conversion.

    Maximizing Returns

    Expert PPC Management

    Getting started with PPC? Let our experts guide you through the trenches and maximize your returns through targeted ads and professional PPC management services.

      Impactful Shopping Ads

      Shopping Ads Google

      PPC is a paid campaign, and you must get value for your money. Our PPC bidding specialists analyze your bid patterns and structure to ensure they are in your best interests. We analyze your audience and correlate your PPC bids with audience behavior to discover which bids are aligned with your goals and audience behavior.
      Targeted Amazon PPC Ads

      Shopping Ads Amazon

      Our PPC shopping ads company creates targeted sponsored Amazon ads that feature your product images and videos to increase brand awareness, boost sales and grow your revenue on Amazon. Our Amazon PPC ads services maximize keyword matching, categorize your ads and adjust your campaigns to match performance to ensure increased returns and reduced spending.

      PPC Marketing Services

      Get more revenue from your ad real estate by working with a passionate PPC marketing company committed to maximizing ROI while increasing your sales, traffic, and revenue.

        Compelling PPC Campaigns

        Conversion Optimization

        Our Pay-per-Click agency creates PPC advertising campaigns that compel users to perform the desired action through captivating headlines, high-performing keywords, engaging content and media, magnetizing CTAs, and landing pages that convert. Our PPC marketing firm creates persuasive PPC ad copy, optimizes your landing pages, launches customer-friendly lead capture strategies, and tracks and monitors your PPC ad and landing page performance.
        our Services

        Why Choose Our PPC Services?

        Comprehensive Report Evaluation

        What you get is what you pay for, and we want to deliver on value. Our Pay-Per-Click marketing firm creates comprehensive reports evaluating your PPC campaign performance and determining what to double down on and what aspects to eliminate. Each of your PPC performance reports provides evaluations on A/B testing for landing pages, keyword performance, CTR, bounce rate, and other metrics to evaluate your campaigns and increase conversion rates. We only report on what you care about. Unless you want to nerd out, we'd be delighted.

        Granulated Targeting

        We leverage market research data and audience targeting strategies to ensure your PPC ads are shown to qualified, targeted, and ready-to-buy customers. Our PPC marketing company sets up hyper-targeted PPC strategies with audience-specific ad copy designs featuring localized keywords, copywriting, and graphic elements. We target your audience based on demographic data, customer intent, keywords, user data, search behavior, online activities, and preferred platforms.

        Personalized PPC Solutions

        Our pay-per-click company offers one of the best PPC services that cover the entire project lifetime, from creating ad copies to refining and updating your ads. You get a dedicated PPC campaign manager as the point person. Your project lead will help define the scope of your campaign and strategy, help you navigate ad accounts, research, and optimize your keywords and ad copy. We analyze and evaluate your campaigns and monitor PPC ad performance while tweaking the copywriting, testing performance, and manually keeping tabs on your PPC ads.

        Maximize Your Brand’s Potential

        Contact Us for PPC Services

        Contact one of our PPC experts today, and let’s go over what our expert PPC services can do for your brand.

          Customized PPC Ads

          Customized PPC Campaigns

          We take time to learn about you, your business, your goals, and your brand personality to ensure that each PPC ad we launch is a reflection of what your brand stands for. We create relevant, impactful, and customized Google Pay Per Click ads that compel your target audience by blending several aspects like keywords, audience behavior, targeting, and placement into every ad. We provide:

          PPC Marketing Strategies

          Data and Research-backed PPC Strategies

          As a leading PPC marketing company, our strategies are advised by our decades of experience and raw, firsthand customer data. We take time to track metrics, benchmark performance, research your target audience, analyze keywords that match your brand, and identify the most lucrative PPC opportunities. We analyze your industry and market, competitive landscape, search volumes, and CTR to ensure we pivot your PPC advertising budget on campaigns that deliver results.
          Is your PPC growth slowing down? Get your campaign back on track with PPC services from SMART SEO.